Saturday, November 1, 2008

Miss Kennedy's First Halloween

As much as I tried not to like it, I have to admit that Kennedy looked pretty stinking cute in her little Longhorn cheerleader costume. Although I'm fairly certain she could have been dressed as a lump of coal and I still would have thought she looked cute. :) Oh well.

After taking it easy around the house today, we went next door for dinner with Granny Jo before the big kids went trick-or-treating. Every year she does a Halloween dinner for the kids full of spooky foods. Tonight we had eyeball (meatball) sandwiches, blood (tomato) soup, witch's fingers (breadsticks with an almond for the fingernail), brain juice (iced tea with floating cauliflower), and graveyard cake (below). She always goes all out, and the kids love it! I can't wait for Kennedy to be big enough to get it.
After dinner, Josh & Tanya (Nacho Libre & Incarnacion), and Granny Jo (witch) took Guillermo (Jason), Cameron (a scary skeleton), Catalina (a green pixie), and Noah (Chicken Little) trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, while Dave and I (Todd & Sarah Palin) hung out at the house with our very sleepy girl.
She was a trooper, though - she hung in there until the festivities were over and we made it back home, just in time for bed.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, she would be adorable dressed in anything.

alittlewater said...

laura, kennedy is so cute! Ya'll have a precious family. maybe we can have a friend party around christmas time when we are in town. i would love to see her.

The Sanders House said...

LAURA!! Hey girl! I am glad to have found your blog! Kennedy looks like her mommy! I hope all is well! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Your little girl is precious! She looks just like you. The only thing...all that UT "stuff?" (-:

Nita Cobb (Adriane's mom)

sriggle said...

Oh my goodness...Kennedy is a doll, even in UT gear. You totally nailed Palin by the way!!

bRiTt*BrAt said...

Hey! Kennedy looks so adorable (even though it is a poor choice of schools ;)) Anywho, I wanted to send you all a Christmas Card and I wanted to know your address. Just send it to please! Hope everything is well.